I haven’t updated here because NOTHING is happening. I’m getting a few messages here and there but mostly tire kicking… I am guessing to see if I am interesting enough. Or whatever. Clearly I’m not and I’m okay with that right now. 

I am still trying to aim high… I look at every profile before I even read the message. You can tell a lot about a person by the profile, and some people I just don’t even want to talk to, let alone meet. Profiles full of arrogance or anger; lonely, forlorn or morose tone; ALL CAPS MESSAGES THAT SEEM TO BE DIRECTED TOWARD A CERTAIN PERSON, SO WHY NOT JUST MESSAGE THEM? ; and the usual very picky and overly busy. Cull from that the ones that seem okay but not sure how they have two pennies to rub together, let alone can afford to meet me at Chops for lunch and the ones that want children and have failed to read the part of my profile where I explicitly stated that I do NOT. 

Outisde of that, there’s not much to offer. Every once in awhile a nice one slides through, but he’s been through so many women here that he’s shell shocked and can’t get up the nerve to move past messages on the site and quick phone calls. I don’t have much use for this guy either. If I have to make all of the moves, what are YOU doing? Nah. I’m sure you’re nice though, so call me when you grow a pair. 

So I am frustrated. I guess it will happen when it happens….or some other blase saying I hate to hear from other people.